Warm Glow , Sunset on Achray


Grand Lake at the Achray launch and camp ground, is an interesting and legendary place.  First nation’s people inhabited the area for centuries then loggers and currently campers, nature enthusiasts and artists.  The first artist of note dates back to Tom Thomson who spent much of the summer and fall of 1916 there. He was hired on to the task of looking out for forest fires and fire management in logging camps.  He completed some of his most recognized sketches from that season and subsequent large oil paintings from the east side of Algonquin Park.  The most famous of which would be the “Jack Pine”.  The small painting I did of the area is viewing the hills of the western shoreline with a sun setting behind the most prominent hill.  Those hills roll south ward to Carcajou Bay and can be clearly seen in Thomson’s work as the horizon line for the “Jack Pine”.

Dimensions: 8" x 6"
Category: Artwork
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Artist: Arnold Nogy
Media Type: Oil Painting