Artist Biography

Arnold Nogy's art can be described as capturing a moment in nature's poetic drama that might otherwise have been overlooked. Michael Dumas, another renowned artist, writes: "The focus [of Arnold's work] centres on ‘what' to express and ‘how' to best express it. Determining what to paint is a matter of spontaneous interest. It is a direct response towards the subject that is neither anticipated nor sought out."

Arnold is moved in his inner most being by the beauty of nature and desires to share this by the story telling quality of his paintings. Because Arnold's art originates from such an intense and instinctive response it is only natural that viewers are intrigued and attracted to the uniqueness of his depictions. Arnold's art draws you in to the precise moment and suddenly you find yourself almost hearing the movement of a bird's wings or waiting for the person to inhale and look up at you.

Arnold Nogy was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo but he had most of his early inspiration and artistic development during summer months spent on Georgian Bay. During those summers, Arnold had absolute freedom to explore thousands of acres of untouched woods and waters that surrounded the family's cottage. It was here that Arnold's keen eye for hidden beauty and delicate balance in nature bloomed. Primarily self-taught, Arnold began winning awards and recognition even before he committed to being a full-time artist. From his first art show and art competition to the present, Arnold has been accorded many awards in art. He exhibits in galleries in Canada and the United States including the very prestigious Society of Animal Artists and the Algonquin Museum in Algonquin Park, Canada. He has been commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint for nineteen coin designs to date, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and has made contributions to several art books.

Arnold excels in watercolour, pastel, graphite, charcoal, conte and oil mediums. He skillfully employs these mediums to express an inner conviction of the presence of God's handiwork in our world. Dramatic compositions, expressive colours and unifying details are critical components to the vivid subjects that Arnold captures in his trademark style. His paintings are as accurate and intricate as they are beautiful.