The Algonquin Art Centre is a world-class art gallery that showcases some of Canada’s foremost wilderness and wildlife artists. Located in one of Canada’s most beautiful provincial parks, the AAC is built upon a long tradition of artists in Algonquin Park from Tom Thomson to Michael Dumas. By displaying the newest works by Canada’s top artistic talent, the burgeoning of this tradition can be enjoyed by visitors and art lovers from all over the world.
Open June 1st

Gifts & Souvenirs

The Algonquin Art Centre has a fully-stocked Gallery Boutique gift shop which features a wide selection of Canadian-made, eco-friendly souvenirs. The shop alone is well worth the trip into the park.


Our Mission Statement

Occupying a unique position as art gallery, tourist attraction, historical monument and education centre, the Algonquin Art Centre has, as its primary mandate, the exposure of Canada’s finest wilderness and wildlife art to the visitors of Algonquin Park.
In addition, we promote environmental awareness and the role of art in raising such awareness: wildlife preservation, care for the environment, minimizing waste and energy consumption, recycling, forest stewardship and cultivation of biological diversity are among the key issues of concern at our gallery. We hope that with reflection and attention to our artists’ perspectives and statements about the natural world, each visitor will leave not only with a renewed impression of the Canadian arts, but with a refreshed ecological outlook.