Lake of Two Rivers


About this Sculpture

An Algonquin lake sparkles like a rare gem set between two serpentine diamond strings named Madawaska. In view of the red trimmed cabins of Killarney Lodge, an ancient outcropping emerges and gives life to those who would cling to its rocky shores. Indigenous pathways reflect in mirror soaked calmness, as respect is given to the land that breathed life into their ancestors. Winter ice brings guests unlikely to traverse open water, and provides host for a moment of isolation and reflection. The warm waters of summer wafts quiet voices and gentle paddle strokes across glistening wakes, as distant loons call with lilting echoes. Approaching clouds hint at changing weather as all seek shelter in her bays. This enchanting landscape reveals its secrets in blazing colour, frozen solitude, and misty shrouds. This is the life blood of a gift we call Lake of Two Rivers.


Category: Artwork
Artist: Peter Allan Rice
Media Type: Glass & Stone | Sculpture