2024 Art Exhibit – “Reflections”

June 1st to October 20th

The Algonquin Art Centre Explores the Nature of Reflections in a Special 20th Anniversary Art Show “Reflections of Algonquin”

“You’ll never look at reflections the same way again”, says gallery curator Matt Coles, as he prepares for the opening of the Algonquin Art Centre’s 20th Anniversary. This special exhibit explores the nature of reflections in Algonquin Park: be it the changing light bouncing off the many lakes, effects on plant and animal life, or even its influence on the artist’s own imagination,  creations, and experience. “Reflections” sets out to reveal much within our own lives in Algonquin Park like never before. 

Featuring new paintings and sculpture from Canada’s foremost landscape and wildlife artists, Matt believes ‘Reflections’ ranks among the best shows the Algonquin Art Centre has ever put on.  “It truly is a special theme,” says Matt. “What makes ‘Reflections so special is that it aligns with our 20th Anniversary since we opened the doors of the Algonquin Art Centre. I’ve spent time in my own reflection, on the incredible moments shared at the Art Centre, with patrons, artists, and Ontario Parks staff, and I’m we’re so grateful for that. We have exhibited a multitude of shows over the last 20 years. Exhibitions such as ‘Spectrum – the Study of Light’, ‘Wolves of Algonquin’, ‘Wetlands” and Tom Thomson – Legacy’” Shares Matt. “Reflection is all around us. Whether drawing inspiration from the serene waters of Algonquin’s lakes and rivers, or contemplating deeper layers of personal and collective experiences, ‘Reflections offers a canvas for both literal and metaphorical interpretation. We are encouraging our artists to explore the multifaceted concepts of reflection. Reflections in Algonquin Park have a unique nature that often can go unnoticed, and this year’s show aims to fix that by putting reflections front and center.”  The exhibit, Matt hopes, will change how visitors experience reflections in the Park, deepening their connections as they head into Algonquin’s wilderness. “We hope you will leave this exhibit reflecting on your own time in Algonquin Park, feeling transformed and more attuned to the landscape and experiences in Algonquin,” says Matt, “Reflection is endlessly around us, and within.”   

 “Reflections” will be on display at the Algonquin Art Centre from June 1st to October 20th. In addition to this special exhibit, visitors can also see featured artist shows, shop in their famous unique boutique, and enjoy the beautiful grounds and surrounding forests of the Art Centre.

*image is from E. Robert Ross’s 2024 painting, “Reflections, Whitefish Lake”