Orion Rising



Artist Statement: Recently l’ve been inspired to resurrect a former series of mine that depict our northern hemisphere constellations. Previously I painted these in soft pastels and finger blended the gradations in the sky. Not an easy task! Painting them in oils has been a challenge of a different sort since my large hairy dog, dusty cockatiel and precocious budgie all join me in the studio! It seems I am constantly picking something (or someone) out of the wet paint! Unlike my framed paintings I’ve chosen to paint these on deep cradleboards with no frame. I like the idea of not putting a perimeter around our heavenly expanse. Additionally I am able to include a delicate connect-the-dot starchart of the featured constellation on the side of the panel for your reference. Please take a peek and enjoy searching for the constellation amidst the starry host!

~ Kelly Dodge

Dimensions: 3" x 6"
Category: Artwork
Artist: Kelly Dodge
Media Type: Oil Painting