Artist Biography

"…As long as I can remember I have sketched or painted something, somewhere… Whatever artistic qualities I possess influenced my education and the years that followed, creating opportunities in the fields of drafting, graphics and industrial design. By combining this experience with my
personal interest in our natural world, I was inspired to create a series of images illustrating concerns for the future of our planet’s wildlife. Those early watercolours gave me a voice and allowed me to enter the world of fine art, shaping what has become a lifetime of study, travel and creativity…” RVS

Canadian, Richard Stanley, was born in London, England and presently resides just north of Toronto, Ontario. The great North American landscape, across which he has travelled many times, creates the
inspiration for his paintings and sculptures that reflect the scope of our natural heritage. In some instances these images reflect the artist’s concern for the necessity of conservation and environmental
stewardship. Having travelled to many areas around the globe, his work now includes a variety of subject matter that ranges from murals to miniatures and can be found in private and corporate collections,