Artist Biography

Peter Mills' art focuses on the plants, animals, and landscapes found in Algonquin Park. He finds the changes to this landscape over its four vastly different seasons a perennial inspiration. His connection to the area runs deep—he has lived and worked in Algonquin Park over the past nine summer seasons. During this time he has worked as a Park Naturalist, where his aim is to convey the beauty, mystery, and complexity of this region to those visiting this vast wilderness.

In 2016, he wrote and illustrated a book entitled Metamorphosis: Ontario's Amphibians at all Stages of Development. Through its pages, this work reveals the minute and hidden worlds of the province's frogs, toads, and salamanders with an emphasis on how their bodies change through development. During the fall of 2015, Peter was hosted by the Quetico Foundation in Quetico Provincial Park as artist-in-residence, where he completed the last of the illustrations for Metamorphosis.

He works mostly in acrylic and strives to produce images that mix literal and lyrical elements. These paintings combine his background in art (self-taught) and science (B.Sc. from Trent University).