Artist Biography

Don finds it very gratifying to render a three dimensional work of art that was inspired from nature. His main subjects are the birds around us. The process starts with an idea from something that has been seen or experienced in nature. That is followed up by hours of research. Only after Don feels he knows the subject well enough to capture the essense of the bird, Don then takes the research and renders the bird into a clay model to as close as Don first envision it. With a model of the bird he then designs elements to come up with a composition that complements the bird and is eye pleasing.Using the clay model Don recreates the bird by carving it in wood and the elements are fabricated from metal or long last materials. The end result will be a realistic sculpture that will last a lifetime for others to enjoy.
Don has won best of show in novice and intermediate at the World’s. He now competes at the open level at the Canadian and World Wildfowl Carving Championships. The La Cloche Art Show is a juried show that Don takes pride in entering. He regularly places in the ribbons which has made him known in the carving community as well as the art world.In 2016 a photo of his carving was publised in the Wildfowl Carving Competition magazine.
Don is retired after working in the mining industry for 34 years. He resides in Worthington, Ontario on a 50 acres farm surrounded by the boreal forest. When not in nature drawing up inspiration, he spends time remodeling a 1938 log home. Don blends the modern elements into the rustic look of logs and creates a space warm and comfortable to visit.