Artist Biography

The creative process has always been a driving force in me. I thrive on the knowledge of how things work and the challenge of recreating them. My creative side began with plastic model kits. I would build them in perfect detail. As I grew older I began to building models from scratch, a hobby I still love to do. Model building was the foundation for my patience and discipline, two assets that have helped in my development as an artist. At the age of nine I began to draw out and plan the projects and models I wanted to create and then build them. I was a Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica junky the obsession of most boys in the 70's and 80's and my greatest memory was of building a "Cylon" costume from scratch out of boxes from the local grocery store for halloween. How I loved to create. At age ten life took a drastic turn and I found myself in the care of the Children's Aid Society and foster homes. Over the next six years I was moved to thirteen different foster and receiving homes. Moving around so much made it very difficult to build friendships and art became my constant companion. I devoted allot more time to art than the average adolescent. Art became my world. Sketch book in hand I would disappear into the parks and forests to catch a glimpse of nature and wildlife.