Forest Majesty

19 (Round)" x 3"

Spirit of Muskoka

29 (round) " x 4.5"

Yellow Birch Burl Bowl

13.5 (round) " x 5.5"

Figured Black Walnut Platter

17 (round) " x 2"

Sugar Maple Burl Bowl

12.5 (round) " x 4"
$400 SOLD

Claro Walnut Burl Bowl

12 (round) " x 3.5"
$450 SOLD

Yellow Birch Burl Bowl

9 (round) " x 3"
$250 SOLD

Artist Biography

Inspired by the beauty of the forest, Brian Markham finds the work of art within the wood. As burls, local and exotic woods are turned on his lathe, the natural colour and grain are revealed for each unique creation. He designs handcrafted bowls, platters and hollow vessels to grace your table or add to your collection of natural art.

Brian spends time examining the knots, natural flaws, and bark inclusions which have grown through the heart of the raw wood, to find the unique line and form that lies within. Simplicity of design allows the innate beauty of the wood to shine. The process of sanding and polishing and many coats of a specially-blended oil finish produce a durable, food-safe surface.

Brian works with local varieties of maple, cherry, walnut and exotic woods to create beautiful and functional woodturned designs. "Each piece of wood is different, but my favourite is burl. Burl is a rounded growth on the side of a tree that interrupts the growth pattern and results in peculiar and uniquely formed figured wood. The character, the imperfections of the burl and the detail of the grain are all incorporated into the finished platter or bowl."