The Algonquin Art Centre’s 2018 artist-in-residence Rich Baker is returning to Algonquin Park to present his new show, “The View from Here”, a solo exhibit inspired by his time in Algonquin Park.

Rich creates incredible metal sculptures through a mixture of forging and welding, with each piece conveying something unique to the viewer.  “I believe that each piece I do is a story,” says Rich, “something I’ve seen or witnessed or experienced first hand, but rather than putting pen to paper, I hammer it out in steel.”











Rich would bring this artistic expression to new heights after his 2018 residency in Algonquin Park, where he spent time exploring, creating, and learning from Park scientists about what makes Algonquin so special, lessons he would tie into his solo exhibit.  “I’ve been coming to Algonquin for 30 years. I’ve explored many parks, but there’s something special about Algonquin Provincial Park. I could say it’s the solitude of the interior campsites, the possibility of wildlife encounters around each corner, or the great memories of family fishing trips. All of these reasons are true as to why I feel a connection to this park, yet there’s still something more. Strangely enough, it’s the feeling I experience whenever I’m leaving the park that continually draws me back. It’s a heaviness in my soul, an undeniable voice whispering to my subconscious that it’s there I belong.”


Rich has spent the last year preparing for “The View from Here”, welding beautiful pieces that convey his profound connection to Algonquin. The result is a breathtaking exhibit of forged steel and metal that must be seen to be believed.

“The View from Here” will be on display from June 29th until August 31st at the Algonquin Art Centre. Rich will also be on site for MEET THE ARTIST DAYS and ART DEMOS.