Landmarks: A Portrait of Algonquin

June 1st - Oct 21st, 2018 (10 am - 5 pm)

The Algonquin Art Centre is celebrating Algonquin Park’s 125th birthday with a special art exhibit, “Landmarks: A Portrait of Algonquin”. Featuring new works from Canada’s foremost landscape and wildlife artists, “Landmarks” offers an unforgettable portrait of Algonquin Park by focusing on its distinctive landmark sites, from Turtle Island to Barron Canyon to Tea Lake Dam. Visitors are also encouraged to seek out these landmarks themselves to experience firsthand the inspiring nature of Algonquin’s wilderness.

“It’s such an exciting year for art in the Park”, says Gallery Manager, Joel Irwin. “Algonquin Park is the oldest provincial park in Canada and to be part of its 125th birthday is nothing short of inspiring. Most people know the park for its great camping and amazing research projects, but few realize how important Algonquin has been for the Canadian arts. Its beautiful landscapes have inspired some of the nation’s most famous paintings, such as Tom Thomson’s ‘The Jack Pine’ or A.Y. Jackson’s ‘Red Maple’, and it continues to attract painters, writers, filmmakers, and performance artists from all over the world.”

“Landmarks: A Portrait of Algonquin” will be on display at the Algonquin Art Centre from June 1st until Oct 21st, 2018. The gallery hours are 10 am – 5 pm. Admission is voluntary.