2020 Art Exhibit: The Spirit of the Group of Seven

July 15th to Oct. 18th

The Algonquin Art Centre presents “The Spirit of the Group of Seven”, a new art show exploring the lasting influence of Canada’s most famous group of landscape painters, the Group of Seven. Commemorating their 100th anniversary, this special exhibit features contemporary works from Canada’s foremost landscape and wildlife artists as they explore, interrogate, and celebrate the spirit that moved the Group of Seven to find inspiration in Algonquin Park and Canada’s wilderness areas.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s show” says gallery curator, Matt Coles. “The Group of Seven were originally called ‘the Algonquin School of Painters’ because of their frequent trips to Algonquin Park, so it’s fitting to mark their anniversary with a special art show in the heart of the place that inspired them.”

Matt believes that this show, which runs from July 1st until Oct 18th, is one of the strongest and most inspiring shows they’ve ever put on in the Centre’s fifteen-year history. “It really speaks to the heart of what makes Algonquin one of the world’s most celebrated parks” says Matt, “not only for artists, but for people from all walks of life. The show is a must see for art lovers and Park visitors alike.”

‘The Spirit of the Group of Seven’ will be on display at the Algonquin Art Centre from July 1st until October 18th, 2020.