The Art of Water: Algonquin Art Centre Announces 2012 Show

Canada’s leading landscape and wildlife artists will be exploring the aesthetic qualities and environmental importance of Water for an upcoming art exhibit at the Algonquin Art Centre. The show, which is simply called “Water,” will trace the major headwaters that flow out of Algonquin Park and into the surrounding regions.

“Water has become a significant environmental issue in recent years,” explains Matt Coles, the Centre’s Art Director, “and our intention is to offer visitors an aesthetic experience of the water systems in Algonquin Park – water, after all, is a big part of Algonquin’s charm and appeal to artists over the years, and we hope that this charm will inspire our visitors to be more conscientious of water’s importance, both environmentally and artistically.”

Algonquin Park is a dome-shaped highland, carved out by glacial movements some one hundred and twenty thousand years ago, and it has become an iconic piece of geography in Canada. A number of important headwaters flow out of Algonquin Park – the Petawawa, Oxtongue, Madawaska, to name a few – and the show “Water” will offer a unique perspective not only of these water systems, but of Algonquin’s geological history and value as a Provincial Park.

Join Canada’s leading artists in a celebration of Water at the Algonquin Art Centre. The show will be held from June until mid-October, 2012 at the Algonquin Art Centre, km 20 in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Watch the teaser of “Water” below.