Seasons of Algonquin



Calm waters frame a world of soothing stillness, broken only by the subtle motion of a passing loon. A painted turtle and Red-bellied snake secure their granite perch and absorb the gift of warmth from Summer’s radiance, ever aware of dangers from above. Human influence glides past in fluid motions of crimson and sparkling glimmer, in unison with indigenous people who respected these pristine surrounds for millennia. Rhythmic notes from treetop echo, to mark the coming of cooler nights and misty dawns. Emerald hues recede, and yield to gold and ruby swaths of brilliance brushed across an everchanging horizon. Autumn winds bring change, as frost descends on intertwined slumber. Soon the fresh falling snow obscures treelined shores and is cradled in the strength of a stately pine’s limbs. Hunters silhouetted on a palette of white, move stealthily on frozen water in search of unsuspecting prey. Winter’s grip loosens, as ice sheets recede and give way to fluid motion. New life flourishes and seeks sustenance from crystal, shoreline offerings. The cycle repeats itself in a glorious spectacle of new life, decay, and rebirth, which is unconditionally gifted to us in the seasons of Algonquin.

Category: Artwork
Artist: Peter Allan Rice
Media Type: Glass & Stone