Brent Crater Impact Zone


During the early Devonian Era a meteor struck Ontario, then known as Laurentia. It was one of many fragments of a large 200km wide asteroid that had collided with the Main Asteroid Belt. The impact resulted in Brent Crater, located within Algonquin’s northern border along the road to Cedar Lake. The crater was originally 3.8km wide, 600 metres deep and 100 metres high. Erosion and glaciers have filled the crater, scraped out several lakes and even left deep claw marks seen today in the crater centre. Geologic studies have also revealed the splash zone; areas hit by flying molten rock on impact. This painting highlights the remarkable features of one of Algonquin’s most ancient landmarks.



Dimensions: 48" x 24"
Category: Artwork
Artist: Jan Wheeler
Media Type: Oil Painting