Forests Made of Metal: Cathy Mark’s new works at the Algonquin Art Centre

When walking up the stone stairway to the Algonquin Art Centre, visitors will find a variety of metal trees emerging from the Art Garden. These trees are the new sculptures by artist Cathy Mark, sculptures which combine metal and stone to create unique representations of the Algonquin forest.
Cathy’s been contributing new pieces to the Gallery since its opening in 2004, but her work has undergone considerable change: “Cathy’s sculptures have always been very popular for our visitors” says Orla Irwin, co-owner of the Algonquin Art Centre, “but over the years, they’ve become bolder and more captivating. Her metal trees really embody the feeling of Algonquin,  and people love it.” The feeling of Algonquin, it seems, is expressed in the shapes of the sculpted trees, which can convey the titanic strength of a White pine, or the windswept motions of a maple tree in Fall. As the metal panels are fastened to different stones of all shapes and sizes, the naturalness of the works are expressed more clearly. Whether displayed in the Art Garden or the Unique Boutique, Cathy Mark’s sculptures capture the experience of the Algonquin forests.