Artist Biography

Steve makes his home with wife Gert at his country studio in London ON. He paints a variety of genres but has become particularly well recognized for his Canadian landscapes. Throughout his career, Steve has had numerous honoured recognitions including “Best in Show” awards, a long term placement at the Empire State Building, and a feature in the Harvest 2014 edition of Arabella; a top Canadian architectural and design magazine. Steve’s work can be found in galleries and private collections internationally.

My work is a reflection of the self. The mirror image I see every day subliminally finds its way into my practice, resulting in art infused with colour, texture and figurative forms. Every painting represents a new day, a new diary entry, and a new emotion. While I explore a variety of genres, the common theme in my work is abstract design, through which my personal fears and passions are transposed into two or three dimensional imagery. This abstract element can be found in each painting, just as elements of landscape painting can be found in all my abstract works. My background training in design has translated into a passion for creating visually aesthetic compositions that I can offer to the community.
When I was first introduced to art at the age of ten, I used a toothpick because I didn’t have a brush. This forced me to look at art as pixels creating detail. As a traditionalist at heart, I often employ oils, acrylics, and watercolours. After years of experimenting with oil paint, I have discovered ways of mixing, dying, and playing with gravity to create fanciful pieces. My use of materials has also extended to include birch boards, paper mache, and gold leaf and a plethora of mixed media due to my film experience. Regardless of the medium, my art reflects my passion for colour, natural landscapes, and imagination. I find daily inspiration from the natural beauty of my surroundings and from my own mindful experiences. I consequently lean towards scenes that are not confined by the parameters of reality. At the heart of my art lies the concept of escape – from a difficult childhood, to an altered state of mind or to a different geographical location. Throughout my life, art has provided a retreat from surrounding chaos as well as a mirror of a beautiful place. However, I have also learned to embrace a forms of chaos and combine it with the essentials of design to create equity in the design. My prior experience as a scenic artist and stage manager taught me that the world is my palette; a world which I love and long to improve through the visual communication of beauty.