Artist Biography

Mink blends realism with mythology and personal connection in her original art pieces. Using techniques of her own invention to blend paint and stain, she brings out the beauty in each piece of wood.

Growing up just south of Seattle, Mink began drawing at the age of 5. Even then she took herself very seriously. Piles of crumpled up dragons and unicorns that “didn't make the cut” were a sure sign that she had been at work, but the perfectionist inside proved useful in developing her skill. Mink's passion for art continued as she attended an art's high school in Tacoma Washington, where she also developed her passion for music and songwriting.

Mink's first experiments with black paint on plywood were inspired by the aesthetic of stencilled graffiti art, with its bold shapes and high contrast. Her works are originally inspired by photographs, which she digitally renders into several layers of colour and paints onto plywood using wood stains, acrylic paint, and finishing layers of clear polyurethane.

Mink enjoys sharing her process with her audience, as well as the deeper story behind each piece. She is now exploring new ways of doing this by capturing time lapse footage of her works in creation, and setting these films to music of her own making.