Sunset Ridge

12" x 12"

Best Buds

18" x 18"


24" x 20"

Summer Sun

40" x 40"

Artist Biography

For over 30 years, Joseph Pearce has sought out the tranquility or the drama of a northern wilderness, looking for distinctive scenes that can be turned into captivating paintings. Joseph was born in Oshawa, Ontario in 1954. He was schooled in Wildlife Science at the University of Toronto and in Visual Arts at Humber College. He and his wife Helen currently enjoy country-living in rural Eastern Ontario.

A keen canoeist and accomplished naturalist, Joseph paints from photographs taken on more than 100 Algonquin-interior canoe trips and numerous trans-Canada treks. He enjoys working with a full range of colours, allowing him to put his unique artistic interpretation onto the canvas. He has often noted that the best composition comes from having the patience to wait that extra minute, for the light to change or for the wind to blow the canoe to a slightly better vantage point.

Artist’s Statement: “I am always striving to refine my artistic vision and my painting techniques. My landscapes might be pretentiously categorized within the Neo-Luminism movement, emphasizing light, atmosphere, and depth. My signature 'luminosity' is achieved by careful colour selection and the application of multiple overlapping layers. Many of my collectors refer to my paintings as ‘calming moments of escape’. My art defines me. It allows me to combine all of my passions with a modest talent and a willingness to persevere. The fact that I have been able to translate all of that into a successful career is the greatest satisfaction that I can have.”