Artist Biography

Fred has been passionate about art since the tender age of 6. His first drawings delighted his family and showed that there was some talent there. As he progressed in school, he dabbled in different forms of art including glass blowing, life drawing, still life and some minor sculpting. He took home several awards from county fairs and then upon graduation from high school, he was awarded the Bells Corners Art League Award. Fred went on to attend Sheridan College for Illustration, which led him to another form of art, winemaking. He continued his regular visual arts while honing his craft as a winemaker and winning many major awards at international wine competitions. Longing to return to his visual artistic roots Fred began doing Science Fiction /Fantasy Art shows at conventions in 1994 and opened a Tattoo Studio in 2008. After 15 art shows and 17 awards he had realized where he needed to be and began devoting most of his time honing his graphite skills in photo realistic work.