Belted Kingfisher Study
Title: Belted Kingfisher Study
Medium: Oil
Dimension: 11 x 9
Price: $4,500.00

Michael Dumas

Belted Kingfisher Study



Michael Dumas was born (1950) in Whitney, Ontario, on the eastern edge of Algonquin Park. The proximity of this vast wilderness and surrounding area imposed an influence on him that remains crucial to both his personality and artwork to this very day. He recalls his years as a ranger in Algonquin as being among his "most profound life experiences," and something that was critical in establishing the direction of his life's work. The sense of discovery, intimacy, and insight that comes only from first hand observation have become Dumas trademarks. Not only does his art faithfully recreate the external appearance of his subjects and reveal true to life behaviours, it also expresses the many intangible elements of atmospheric mood along with his own highly personal impressions.

Much of Michael's art and writing have been used to raise funds for conservation and ecological awareness, from close to home projects with local groups such as Camp Northern Lights (for underprivileged children) and the Foundation for Rare Species, to many others in North, South, and Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Michael's efforts have been instrumental in raising many millions of dollars to conserve and preserve the earth's natural resources. In recognition of this he was the first artist to win the OFAH Carling O'Keefe Professional Conservationist Award, as well as the first artist to win the Ontario Conservation Award.

His work has been described as "finely balanced," where highly selective passages of detail are countered by softer, broader brushwork and areas of "free space." These characteristics are not limited to any particular medium that he chooses to use, and he is equally adept in handling watercolour, pencil, ink, egg tempera, casein, gum tempera, oil, etc. (although oil is now his preferred medium).

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