Flair (Wolves)
Title: Flair (Wolves)
Medium: bronze
Dimension: 17 x 11 x14
Price: $16,000.00
Title: Langage D'automne
Medium: bronze
Price: $10,200.00
Title: Redoutable (Lynx)
Medium: wood
Price: $4,800.00

Denis Douville

Flair (Wolves) Langage D'automne Redoutable (Lynx)


Sculptor Denis Douville was born in St-Casimir, Quebec, Canada, in 1942.
Because he was raised on a farm, Mr. Douville has developed a close relationship with nature - particularly animals.
Drawing has been a constant passion from his early years up to the present, providing a solid basis to his sculpture approach.
Mr. Douville is fascinated by animals: he is strongly inspired by their behaviour, their body language, and their struggle of life.
A self-taught artist, he started with human subjects, but quickly concentrated his true inspiration wildlife, mainly mammals.
His work have been featured in prestigious shows and exhibitions, including Lawley Art Group in Dallas, Miami Red Dot, India Wells Los Angeles, Art Expo Vancouver, Colorado Spring, Art expo Toronto, Art expo Las Vegas, Art Expo New York, Novel Fine Art Gallery, Les Salons des Indépendants in Paris and many symposiums all across the province of Quebec. Six of his works belong to the Musée des art populaires de Trois- Rivières in Quebec.
Now, his rapidly recognition has brought his name and works in magazines, exhibitions and private collections around the world.

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